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CNT’s reputation with general contractors, structural engineers, and building managers/owners is second to none. We are a team oriented company and know how to work effectively with others in a commercial setting to ensure a timely and quality product.

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When you need a strong foundation pile for your commercial construction project, the experts at CNT are ready to put our knowledge and experience to work for you. As a manufacturer and installer, we understand both sides of the application. CNT’s Helical Pier Foundation Systems give you the performance of concrete without the drawbacks and liabilities of driven piles and drilled shafts. Our helical pier foundations can be devised to resist or support any load or application. It can be installed with lightweight construction equipment and loaded immediately. There’s no concrete curing time and predefined capacities are predictable.

Helical Piers for a Wide Variety of Applications

We’ve installed helical piles for a wide variety of applications so you can count on our team to select piers that are perfect for your project such as:

  • New construction supporting foundation grade beams, column bases, compression, tension and concrete slabs
  • Repairing failed or old foundations
  • Retrofit foundations in existing structures where new loads are being added or under existing concrete slab
  • Machinery/equipment foundations for immediate loading with increased capacity
  • Foundation support in tight access or inaccessible areas
  • Permanent or temporary foundation structural shoring

All of our piles, both standard and custom, are among the strongest on the market. They feature a patented helix plate that is cold formed and corrugated which makes it up to 50% stronger than those on our competitors’ piles. Some of the advantages to our system include:

Advantages of Helical Piers

The helical pier foundation is preferred over driven piles, drilled shafts, grouted tendons, auger-cast piles, belled piers and other deep foundation systems for a number of compelling reasons:

  • Fast installation and immediate loading
  • Pre-engineered system
  • Eliminates high-mobilization costs
  • Easily modified in the field
  • No need for concrete to cure
  • Easy to use in limited access sites
  • Minimizes soil disturbance during installation
  • Installs in any weather
  • Environmentally friendly


The Helical Pulldown Micropile is a system for constructing a grout column around the shaft of a standard Helical Pier Foundation System pile. The use of helical micropiles has long been established as a viable, cost-effective method for use in high capacity applications.
Our Helical Pulldown Micropiles increase lateral loading in poor soil conditions and add a frictional component to end-bearing capacities. They used to install high-capacity foundations in soft soils where support on a slender steel shaft is a potential problem or if you want to incorporate the friction capacity or other advantages of this high capacity helical pile.The benefits of this system include:
  • Resistance to buckling in weak surface soils
  • Stiffer pile (deflects less at a particular load)
  • Additional corrosion protection in aggressive soils
The Helical Pulldown Micropile also develops additional capacity by combining both end-bearing on the helical plates and skin friction along the rough surface of the grout column. The result is a higher capacity pile system.


helicalCNT is your one-stop shop for solar foundation systems such as helical piles. Each solar project is unique and so are their foundation solutions. Different soil conditions, topography and loading requirements must be considered to ensure that your array will remain stable for the life of your system. The foundation you choose is a very important decision and should not be evaluated under a one-size-fits-all approach. Here are some factors to examine:

  • Type of racking system
  • Size and type of module
  • Configuration of the modules
  • Soil characteristics

Oftentimes, solar farms are constructed on difficult-to-access sites and onsite conditions that are not ideal. Helical piles have grown from being used only for special cases to a frequently requested, more widely accepted foundation system with the adoption of the International Building Code in 2009. Helical piles provide several construction and performance advantages over conventional concrete and steel posts such as:

  • high compression and uplift capacities
  • installation ease and speed
  • suitability for construction in limited access conditions
  • installation in frozen, sandy (non-cohesive) or swampy soil conditions
  • vibration-free installation process
  • no pre-site preparation
  • no de-vegetation, soil displacement or erosion
  • easy to install and remove