Underpinning for Foundation Repair

If your home is experiencing foundation failure in North Charleston, foundation underpinning can increase your foundation depth, securing your structure by reaching past the weakened soil your foundation is currently built on and transferring the weight of your foundation to soil that can support it, providing greater stability to a settling foundation. By avoiding weak, compressible soil, foundation underpinning works with your foundation to make it sturdy enough to support new or existing structures. CNT Foundations provides underpinning as a foundation repair solution you can trust. Call 843-405-7022 today for your free, no-obligation estimate.

Let’s discuss how underpinning can help secure your foundation and protect what matters most.

How Does Underpinning Work?

Foundation underpinning increases the depth of your foundation into sturdier soil. 

Soil Science

Soil that is closer to the surface is more susceptible to compression and settlement (expansive soil), whereas deeper soil is denser and capable of supporting heavier loads without sinking. 

Why Underpinning Works

Because underpinning dives deeper, this method of foundation repair directly addresses problems caused by expansive soil or excessive moisture, as underpinning methods like helical piers and slab piers can adjust your home’s weight to rely on deeper, more competent soil.

What are the common uses for foundation underpinning?

Because foundation underpinning is a reliable method for strengthening and stabilizing foundations, it’s used widely for a variety of projects. Some of the common uses of underpinning when it comes to soil-based issues include: stabilizing conditions prone to causing sinkholes, treating expansive or weakened soil, and strengthening foundations built on weak soil.

When is Underpinning Necessary?

Underpinning has various uses when it comes to securing your foundation.

Foundation Repair

A surefire way to know if you need to consider underpinning to repair your foundation is if there are visible cracks. A structure with foundation cracks that are greater than ¼ inch - especially if they are diagonal cracks - is showing signs of a faulty foundation that could use underpinning as a repair. It can also be used for  raising uneven concrete foundations and slabs.

New Construction

Though underpinning is often associated with foundation repair, it can also be used in preparation for new construction or a change in the purpose of a structure. 

Making Additions to Existing Structure

Making additions to a building or placing more weight on a structure requires a stronger, more capable foundation. Underpinning your building’s foundation in preparation for increased load-bearing requirements can help prevent foundation damage and structural instability in the future.

How is Foundation Underpinning Used for Foundation Repair?

Underpinning methods help your foundation when your foundation starts settling due to unstable soil.

Some underpinning methods involve stabilizing your foundation by pouring concrete into excavated sections underneath your foundation.

More common methods involve installing helical or slab piers that reach deep into the earth. These methods are minimally disruptive so that you can maintain your routine while our expert staff performs the installation.

What is the Underpinning Process?

The underpinning process begins with excavating soil beneath your home or structure’s existing foundation in stages. These stages, called "pins," are important to the process as they prevent undermining the building’s current foundation and causing structural damage. As each stage is completed, the soil is replaced with new foundation support. These “pins” are repeated until the entire length of the load-bearing wall is reinforced. 

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