New Construction

Commercial properties have to meet specific regulations and codes. Trust the contractors that can handle any Charleston foundation construction and concrete job, making sure that your property is safe and supported. The CNT Foundations’ Charleston concrete construction contractors will make sure that you have the right foundation for your property, taking the soil type and the purpose of the structure into consideration.

New Construction
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CNT Foundations provides the Charleston area with several new foundation construction services.

Helical Piles - A deep foundation solution that allows for construction in weak soil types and in limited access sites. Well known for their lack of noise and limited ground disturbance.

Helical Anchors & Tiebacks - Similar to helical piles, but are drilled into the ground at an angle, rather than straight down. They are designed to resist uplift tension from the attached object, such as a foundation wall.

Helical Pulldown Piles - Helical pulldown piles are helical piles that have been reinforced with a grout column along the shaft, allowing for greater load capacity while reducing friction from heaving and shifting soil.

Helical Micro Piles - With all the benefits of helical piles, helical micro piles are preferred for limited access sites that need a deep foundation solution.

Retaining Walls - An effective solution to keep soil from shifting and encroaching on your property, retaining walls need expert attention to prevent them from falling and failing.

Grade Beams - As a type of footer, grade beams are generally used on steep slopes, weak soil, expanding soil and other situations where a deep foundation system is needed.

Footings - Footings, also known as footers, are used to support foundations where surface soil is less than optimal for constructing a subsurface foundation. Generally built wider than the foundation, footings add strength to the foundation by evenly distributing the load on weaker soil.

Slabs - Concrete slabs for commercial construction often require a stronger mix and heavier reinforcement because of the increased structural load commercial spaces present.

CMU Piers - CMU piers are fire resistant with high durability.

CMU Walls - CMU walls are often used in commercial construction because they are available in several styles, their relative ease in installation and their fire-resistant nature. Concrete masonry units can be reinforced with rebar and layed to match the dimensions of your structure.

Cast in Place Concrete - The process of cast in place concrete allows for the on-site construction of concrete floors, walls, and roofs. Molds are used to make the dimensions of the structure while at the construction site.

Underpinning - A type of deep foundation solution that can be used when a structure is being expanded, such as adding a wing or story, which would result in the foundation no longer being able to support the structure. Usually achieved with helical piles or micro piles.

Remove and Replace Concrete - CNT Foundations can remove old or unwanted concrete from your commercial property. We take steps to ensure that your new concrete slab is level.

Other Services

CNT Foundations provides several foundation and concrete services. We believe it is only a problem if it does not have a solution.

If you have a Charleston commercial construction or foundation issue, call CNT Foundations at 843-405-7022.