Pool Deck Repair

Cracks in your pool deck are an eyesore that can also create a sharp tripping hazard. Pool deck repair can take care of the cosmetic problems with your concrete pool deck, but it takes a professional to make sure that those unsightly cracks are not the result of a larger underlying issue

Restore Your Concrete Pool Deck with Concrete Leveling

Luckily, pool deck repair doesn’t mean you have to replace your concrete! A concrete pool deck can be repaired with concrete leveling, a solution that will solve both the cosmetic and the underlying issue. However, the first step of any concrete repair project is finding out why there is damage. At CNT Foundations, we won’t just resurface your concrete—first, we’ll help you figure out what is causing the damage, then determine the best method of repair.

What Causes my Concrete Pool Deck to Crack? 

Pool decks are up against a lot of pressure. Like all concrete, your concrete pool deck is bound to crack as time goes by. However, understanding the cause of your pool deck’s damage can help you determine the kind of repair work that is necessary. For cracking due to chemicals, you may need concrete resurfacing and concrete sealant. If your pool deck is uneven, you may need to address more concerning problems, such as expansive soil. 

Causes of Cracked Concrete: 

  • Chemicals from pool water can seep into porous concrete and cause it to erode.  
  • Shifting, expansive, and weak soil can shift and cause the individual slabs to become uneven or unstable. 
  • Constant traffic during the summer can place extra stress on concrete slabs and create more opportunities for chipping and damage.

For more information about the causes of concrete damage, read our page “Why Does Concrete Sink?”

Our Pool Deck Repair Methods

As you now know, there are multiple reasons why pool decks can crack and become uneven. A concrete repair contractor from CNT can help you determine which cause is to blame and suggest the pool deck repair method that’s right for you. We provide the following solutions for pool deck repair in North Charleston: 

Concrete Resurfacing for a Fresh Look

Resurfacing your concrete pool deck with a concrete overlay is an efficient way to bring new life to your pool! The process fills in the cracks and allows for the addition of new colors and designs to your pool area.

Concrete Leveling for Pool Deck Repair

A common form of pool deck repair for embedded pools is PolyLift or mudjacking. These methods involve injecting polyurethane foam or cement below the slab to fill voids and bring your concrete pool deck back to level.

Pool Deck Concrete Replacement

If the slab is crumbling beyond repair, it may require concrete replacement. Removal and replacement is also a good option for those looking to replace their concrete pool deck with a new material.

Contact CNT Foundations for Pool Deck Repair in North Charleston

Calling CNT Foundations for pool deck repair can prevent further damage and an unexpected stubbed toe. CNT Foundations provides several foundation repair solution services, concrete repair services, and concrete leveling services. If you need a knowledgeable, professional crew to repair your concrete pool deck, schedule an inspection from CNT Foundations in North Charleston at 843-405-7022.