Solutions to Fix Your Crawl Space

Crawl space damage can put a lot of pressure on both you and your home. If you are seeing uneven floors, cracks in the walls, or windows and doors not fitting in their casing, there might be a foundation issue inside your crawl space. A typical reason for foundation issues is settlement. The dirt underneath your foundation can dry out or become too wet, making it sink into the ground. As the soil brings your foundation down, the structural piers can be pulled away from the floor joists, which causes uneven floors.

Your crawl space may be experiencing other problems besides settlement. The experts at CNT Foundations can decide the exact source of your problems. We have the experience and tools to repair your crawl space and head off any future issues that could emerge.

Crawl Space Solutions
Crawl Space Vent Cover

Crawl Space Solutions

The experts at CNT Foundations in Charleston have many options that will repair any issues inside your crawl space. We are committed to working with you and will respond to any worries you may have about our procedures. Some of our services include:

  • Encapsulation
  • Vapor Barrier System
  • Crawl Space Dehumidifiers
  • Sump Pumps
  • Concrete Masonry Units (CMU Piers)
  • Drop Sill
  • Helical Piers
  • Wood Rot Replacement

If you are seeing issues with your foundation and suspect it might be because of issues inside your crawl space, call the team at CNT Foundations today! We will come to your home and look at the problem areas. We have a variety of different repair options and we’ll find the solution that brings you and your family the most peace.

Call us today at 843-405-7022 to get your free assessment.