Continuous Footing

Your foundation relies on strong footing to help support the weight of your home. If the contractor who built your foundation didn’t consider factors like the structure’s weight or how much the soil could bear, your footing will fail. CNT Foundations provides continuous footing that supports your foundation in North Charleston with ease. Call our foundation experts at 843-405-7022 for a free, no-obligation estimate.

What are the benefits of continuous footing?

A continuous footing is built around the perimeter of your basement foundation after the area has been excavated. This footing is also called spread footing because it spreads the weight of the structure above it, rather than just supporting one point as spot footing does. A wide footing at the bottom of your structure will provide more stability and ensure that your foundation stays stronger, longer. Some other benefits of continuous footing include:

  • Anchors buildings so they stay strong
  • Most continuous footings consist of steel-reinforced concrete to support the structure
  • Works well in residential and commercial construction
  • Evenly supports foundation walls’ weight

A well-built spread footing is essential to prevent foundation settlement. It’s important that your foundation footings be evenly spaced and sized to avoid problems caused by improper footing or overspanned footing.

Let CNT Foundations install continuous footing under your foundation North Charleston to ensure your property is stable for years to come. Our expert contractors will provide a free, no-obligation consultation and walk with you through every step so that you stay informed. CNT Foundations is determined to serve you with the best possible foundation repair solutions. Call 843-405-7022 today!