What is a Crawl Space and Why Does My Home Have One?

Before we explain the many reasons why you should invest in crawl space encapsulation, let’s discuss what a crawl space is and what it’s used for. Functionality wise, a crawl space is similar to a basement except it is vented to outside air. So, why do some homes have a crawl space and others have a basement? It is more cost effective for a builder to put in a crawl space on uneven terrain than grading or building out a basement. As a homeowner, the added benefit to having a crawl space is that all the ugly plumbing, electrical and HVAC air ducts can be installed there. It’s a convenient place to install piping, as well as the water and sewer distribution throughout your home, which in return makes future repairs and replacements much easier.

Crawl Space Comes with Added Responsibility

Unfortunately, homes built over crawl spaces tend to suffer from moisture-related issues, and a humid crawl space can cause large amounts of problems in your home. Poorly protected crawl spaces can lead to mold development, deteriorating joists, and insect infiltration. The moisture can penetrate your floors and cause structural damage to your home. Crawl space encapsulation is the process of adding a heavy-duty polyethylene barrier to completely cover your crawl space and is one way to prevent crawl space issues from arising. Here’s why:

Reasons to Consider Crawl Space Encapsulation:

1. Controls Mold

High humidity in your crawl space can cause mold. Remember, just because you don’t see the mold doesn’t mean it’s not there. In most cases, you smell mold before you ever see it. Mold is often hidden by insulation but can enter your home from the crawl space. Crawl space encapsulation can completely cover your space to maintain a healthy humidity level.

2. Helps to Prevent Bugs and Termites

A damp crawl space attracts all kinds of insects; especially termites since they thrive in a moist environment and require it to survive. Crawl space encapsulation minimizes the ability for bugs to pass from the crawl space and into your home. Encapsulation and sealing up the crawl space area can also help to prevent rodents, snakes or other harmful varmints from entering your property. 

3. Saves Energy

Investing in crawl space encapsulation can make your home more energy efficient. Energy can be lost very easily and quickly through a vented crawl space. It has to do with the way to air moves inside your home and how much negative pressure builds up in the lower parts of the structure, which causes air from the outside to be sucked in through any openings or gaps within your crawl space. Encapsulation can take care of those openings and completely air seal your foundation to eliminate some of that negative pressure. This process keeps the outside air from coming in through your crawl space and the conditioned air stays in the living areas of your home. 

Our Crawl Space Encapsulation Process

Crawlspace encapsulation involves adding a barrier from the ground up around the crawl space walls. Our team wants to make sure your family remains safe from potential crawl space problems. If you start noticing mold, moisture, or insects in your crawl space, it may be time to consider crawl space encapsulation.

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