Moisture Protection that Lasts

Dampness in your crawl space can cause issues like structure damage, mold, mildew, and other problems. Keep your home safe by installing a moisture barrier to keep your crawl space dry. CNT Foundations proudly installs moisture barriers that will keep bugs, mildew, and musty smells out of your home because your crawl space is dry. Call 843-405-7022 today for a free assessment of your crawl space.

Moisture Barrier
Moisture Changes Can Damage Your Foundation

Why You Need a Moisture Barrier

Numerous homeowners fear going into their crawl space as it's filthy, wet, loaded with junk from construction, and can be home to bugs. These things can all have an extremely negative affect on your home. A moisture barrier keeps out water so your crawl space is dry and free from intrusions. Installing a moisture barrier will:

  • Help your crawl space remain dry
  • Keep moisture from attacking your home
  • Shield your wooden crawl space supports from wood rot
  • Keep out bugs that that like humid spaces
  • Minimize flood damage

CNT Foundations is the main foundation repair contractor in South Carolina that offers lifetime protection for your crawl space. Call our team today at 843-405-7022 for a free assessment on installing a moisture barrier in your crawl space. Our solutions are designed to shield your home from the damage caused by water in your crawl space.