Seal Block Walls

Crawl spaces can cause enormous amounts of issues if not properly maintained. One of the main problems most people run into is moisture. Large amounts of water can damage structural piers, insulation, or walls within your crawl space. Sealing a crawl space can be one of the best preventive measures before you encounter foundation problems.

Installing a Solution

Another issue that people may encounter is if the crawl space was built with concrete blocks. The open cavities and spaces between the blocks make it easier for water to enter the walls. If you notice your crawl space is taking on large amounts of moisture, it may be time to call the experts at CNT Foundations in North Charleston.

Our team has the right solution to protect your crawl space from unwanted moisture. Installing a vapor barrier or encapsulation system will add an extra layer of protection around your crawl space. The plastic covering around the block walls will work to keep the humidity out and stop your home from encountering unwanted foundation problems.

To learn more about our treatments for sealing block walls, call CNT Foundations at 843-405-7022 today.