Improve Your Floors with Sister Joists

If your floors are sagging or bouncing, you might not have an appropriately framed floor, or your floor joists are rotting. Sistering those joists is the answer you seek. This strategy is used to add extra material to failing floor joists. By adding another bit of wood to existing joists you help reinforce your feeble joists and give your floors an extra boost.

CNT Foundations will find the best remedy for your floors and crawl space. We will pick the correct size and material for sistering joists and reinforcing your floors. CNT Foundations has the right tools to sister joists and give renewed support to your home.

Call today before your floors get worse. In the event that you begin to see your floors are starting to bounce or sag, call CNT Foundations in Charleston at 843-405-7022 to get your free assessment on sistering joists.

Sister Joists