Improve Your Floors with Sister Joists

If you notice a sag or bounce in your floors, you may not have a properly framed floor system or rotted floor joists. A solution to strengthening your floors are sister joists. This technique is used to add additional material to sagging or broken floor joists. By adding another piece of wood to existing joists you help strengthen your weak joists and provide extra support to the floors.

Our team will assist in finding the right solution for your floors and crawl space. We will choose the right size and material to sister the joists and strengthen your floors. CNT Foundations has the right tools to maneuver the new sister joists into place providing new backing and leveling to your home.

It is important to act before a situation worsens. If you start to notice your floors are beginning to sag or bounce, call CNT Foundations in North Charleston at 843-405-7022 to receive your free estimate on installing sister joists.