Why Do I Need a Vapor Barrier System

Moisture in your crawl space can be one of the most dangerous elements for your foundational structure. Too much moisture in your crawl space can lead to the development of mold, wood deterioration, and insect infestation.

CNT Foundations in North Charleston has the tools to diagnose the cause of your crawl space moisture and determine the best solution for your home. Our team provides vapor barrier systems that can help protect your home from foundation problems.

What Is a Vapor Barrier System

A vapor barrier system stops the diffusion of moisture from the ground of your crawl space. Installing a vapor barrier in your crawl space can help prevent other problems caused by excess moisture such as rotting wood, mold, and insect invasion. Did you know that not having the proper protection in your crawl space can reduce the value of your home? If you don’t take the right precautions to protect your home and your crawl space is infested with mold, your home can be reduced by half its value.

Don’t wait until your crawl space encounters moisture or mold problems. Call CNT Foundations today at 843-405-7022 to learn more about installing a vapor barrier system.