What Is Causing My Sheetrock to Crack

Cracks in your sheetrock may be a sign that there are bigger foundational problems at work. Excess moisture, improper framing, and foundational shifts are common causes for damage or cracks in your sheetrock.

  • Excess Moisture: It is common for your crawl space to build up moisture due to poor ventilation and high humidity levels. When moisture builds up to a high level it can cause wood rot or the drywall to crack. If you notice your crawl space becoming more humid, it may be time to consider encapsulation with a vapor barrier prevent the drywall from taking on excess moisture.
  • Foundational Shifts: Most sheetrock cracks are probably due to the settlement of soil underneath your foundation. With the weight of your house pushing down on the foundation, the soil begins to sink. Horizontal and diagonal cracks are most likely due to the walls moving down with the soil.

It may be difficult to determine the exact cause of your sheetrock cracks. The experts at CNT Foundations are here to uncover the problem and find the right solution for your home. Call 843-405-7022 in North Charleston today to learn more about our solutions for cracked sheetrock.