Is Your Crawl Space Causing Floor and Wall Gaps

Are you noticing gaps between your walls and floors? These gaps in your structure could be a sign of serious foundation problems in your crawl space. Our foundation and crawl space repair experts will examine the cause of the gaps and provide you with multiple solutions.

It’s critical to understand what is causing your floor and wall gaps. Here are a couple reasons.

What is causing my floor and wall gaps?

Foundation settlement is one of the most common reasons for floor and ceiling gaps. As your foundation settles, it can pull the floor away from the walls and ceiling because there is poor support in your crawl space. Foundation settlement is one of the causes behind many home issues and can be a result of:

  • Soil erosion during dry months
  • Expansive soil that expands and builds pressure on the foundation and then contracts causing the piers in your crawl space to sink
  • Flooding or high moisture within your crawl space can cause severe damage to the support beams

Can sagging floor joists cause floor and wall gaps?

Sagging floor joists are another foundation problem that can cause floor and wall gaps. Floor joists begin to sag when there is too much moisture in your crawl space or when the joists are overspanned. If there is too much moisture, the wooden joists will begin to rot and become unbalanced. As your floor joists begin to sag, they can drag your floor down and pull it away from the wall, resulting in significant gaps.

How Can I Fix the Floor and Wall Gaps?

There are different foundation repair solutions available if your floor and wall gaps are caused by foundation problems. Helical piers can be screwed into the ground beneath your foundation to stop settlement and level it out. Sister joists improve sagging floor joists by strengthening the existing joists within your crawl space. You can also replace and repair the girder beneath your floor. At CNT Foundations, we take pride in our foundation and crawl space repair solutions.

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