Why Is My Floor Creaking

Creaking floors are normal when it comes to hardwood. There are many different factors that can cause your floors to creak, but one of the main reasons may simply be due to the weather. When you are in the middle of a harsh winter, your floors begin to dry out producing gaps in between the floorboards. Conversely, when a hot summer rolls around, your wood begins to swell. If your creaking floors continue to happen outside of the harsh elements, there may be a structural element at play.

Foundational Problems Causing Your Floor to Creak

Other elements that may cause your floors to creak could be subfloor issues or foundational movement. If your foundation is settling or there is soil movement underneath your house, your subflooring may be putting pressure on your hardwood. The floorboards will begin to rub together and produce the creaking noises. The other reason floors will creak is subfloor issues, or a damaged floor joist girder. If you are walking across a hardwood or carpeted floor and notice a creaking sound, it may be because your floor joists or girders may be damaged. The subflooring may not be supported evenly. Over time a gap will develop and when the area is stepped on and then released, the creaking sound is created. If the floor joists are damaged or cracked, the nails holding the floors may become loose, and produce the creaking sound.

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