High Humidity Levels in My Crawl Space

High humidity levels in your crawl space can be a typical source for foundation problems. Humidity in your crawl space can prompt an invasion of bugs and rotting wood because of too much moisture and the development of mold or mildew.

When the humidity in your home is 50% or higher, mold can start to grow and release poisons inside your home. When the air can’t bear anymore humidity, you will start to see condensation on the windows and walls which enables toxins to develop and linger.

Water forming inside a crawl space

Reduce Humidity Levels

If you start seeing 50% humidity in your crawl space, call your crawl space professionals at CNT Foundations. CNT Foundations will analyze the humidity in your crawl space and decide the best solution for your home. We have the experience needed to install a vapor barrier or a comprehensive encapsulation into your crawl space. Regardless of the circumstance, we have the know-how to keep your crawl space dry and free from complications.

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