Musty Odors in Your Home

Musty odors in your home can be a sign of mold or other environmental hazards developing within your crawl space. Mold or other toxins growing in your crawl space can be released into your home causing a musty or mildew smell. It is important to check the humidity levels in your crawl space. High levels of moisture can lead to rotting wood structures or the growth of mold. This can lead to a nasty odor and complications with your foundational structure.

How Can You Remove the Musty Odor

At CNT Foundations, we will help diagnose the cause of the odors lingering in your home. Our team has the tools and solutions to keep you and your family safe. Whether it’s installing a vapor barrier or completing a full encapsulation, our team will help remove the smell to keep your home odor free. Call our experts today at 843-405-7022 to find a solution to your musty odor problem.