Replace vs. Repair Foundation

Foundation problems can cause serious damage that can be hard on your home. Some companies may try to convince you that your foundation problems will all be solved simply by replacing your foundation and starting over. CNT Foundations has over 15 years of general contracting experience, and we know that foundation replacement is not the answer. We are confident that our team can repair any foundation in North Charleston. Call our estimators at 843-405-7022 today for a free, no-obligation appointment to discuss your foundation.

Why does your foundation need repair? There can be a few reasons.

What causes foundation problems?

Foundation problems are most often caused by unstable expansive soils, or hydrostatic pressure in the soil pushing against your foundation. You may also have tree roots next to your foundation that press against the structure and cause the walls to crack and leak. Foundation settlement caused by soil instability can also cause damage that requires repair. Any damage to your foundation should be examined by our contractors to determine the best scope of repair.

Replace vs Repair Foundation

Replacing your foundation is a hassle; it takes up too much space, time, and money. Your home will be disrupted and your life interrupted. That’s why CNT Foundations has made it our business to provide the best foundation repair services in South Carolina and surrounding areas. We are confident that we can repair any foundation problem, from cracked foundation walls to sagging crawl space support beams, and more! We’re confident that we can repair any foundation. No job is too difficult or big; we can repair any foundation problems permanently so that your home can stay strong for your families and families to come. Call CNT Foundations today for a free estimate – 843-405-7022.