Sistering Floor Joists

If you have noticed sagging, bouncy floors in your home, it can be a sign that your floor joists are unable to support your home’s weight. This can be dangerous and requires a professional contractor to repair the issue. CNT Foundations proudly provides general contracting in addition to foundation repair in North Charleston and surrounding areas. Call our expert team today for a free estimate on sistering joists to stabilize your home and stop bouncy floors. What is causing your floors to sag? There are a few reasons:

Why Your Home Needs Sister Joists

Wood rot, mold caused by humidity, pests, and other problems (link to foundation problems) can creep into your crawl space and ruin your wooden floor joists. Weakened floor joists cannot bear the load of your home’s weight. By sistering your floor joists, CNT Foundations will stabilize the wood in your crawl space by adding extra wood to the joist to provide additional support. This process will strengthen the weak joists that have suffered due to wood rot and straighten joists that may be sagging. CNT Foundations is a general contractor that believes in doing a job right the first time. We don’t use products that require additional adjustments or provide a temporary fix. Our solutions are permanent, lifetime fixes that will keep your home safe and secure for years to come. Call 843-405-7022 today for a free estimate!