Correcting Tilting or Bowed Foundation Walls

If you’ve noticed that your foundation walls are bowed (bowing walls) or cracked, it’s time to consult a foundation repair expert to discuss wall straightening solutions. CNT Foundations in North Charleston are local foundation repair experts you can trust. Our experienced staff will come to your home to look at your tilting or bowed walls to determine the best course of action. Foundation walls should be straightened before the problem gets worse and causes major structural damage. Call CNT Foundations at 843-405-7022 today for your free, no-obligation estimate.

Why do your foundation walls need to be straightened? Let’s explore a few reasons:

Why are my foundation walls bowing?

Foundation walls start to bow inwards when there is excessive pressure outside. This pressure can be caused by too much water (hydrostatic pressure) pushing against your foundation, or expansive clay soils that are saturated with water and expanding against your foundation walls. Tree roots and poor drainage are other outside pressures that can push against your foundation and cause it to bow. Keep an eye out for horizontal cracks in your foundation walls, as those are a strong indication of serious structural damage.

How do you straighten bowed walls?

CNT Foundations often uses wall anchors to straighten walls that are tilting or bowing. These anchors reach into the soil away from your foundation and use that strong soil to slowly pull your foundation walls upright. Wall anchors are installed quickly and efficiently by our contractors and will save you more time and money than replacing your entire foundation.

Let CNT Foundations straighten your foundation walls with our wall anchor installation. Our team is dedicated to preserving your home’s safety for the future so that you feel secure. Call 843-405-7022 for a free, no-obligation consultation.