What are the Symptoms of Foundation Problems?

Your foundation provides the strength of your home supporting floors, walls, roofs and so much more. As local foundation repair experts in North Charleston, CNT Foundations understands the importance of identifying foundation problems. Recognizing the signs and symptoms of foundation problems in the early stages can prevent more severe damage and more costly repairs.

      Common indicators for foundation problems:
      • Cracks in walls
      • Sticking doors
      • Sagging or uneven floors
      • Bowing walls
      • Standing water near foundation
      • Wet crawl space
      • Cracked or tilting chimney

These are usually very obvious symptoms of foundation problems. CNT Foundations can help determine if these symptoms are caused by foundation issues and evaluate other, more subtle issues such as poor framing, cosmetic issues that don’t require major attention, or tree root intrusions.

How to Survey Your Home for Foundation Problems

The first step in surveying your home is scheduling periodic checks. Foundation issues can happen any time of year, so continued checks are important.

As you survey your home, start in your home’s crawl space. Do you notice a musty or mildew smell? Look for leaks that may reveal cracks in the foundation. Additionally, look for a bug infestations. Cracks in the foundation provide easy entry into your home for bugs.

Systemically check each room in your home. Check doors for sticking or sagging, look at the walls for bows or cracks, especially around windows and doors. Identify any uneven or sagging floor areas.

On the outside, take a look at the chimney identifying any cracks or tilting. Look for standing water in the areas around your foundation. If you have trees close to your home, check for roots that may be reaching under the foundation of your home.

Nobody knows your home as well as you do, but the experts at CNT Foundations are ready to evaluate your symptoms and determine if your foundation needs a little care. Call 843-405-7022 today to schedule your appointment with one of our local North Charleston foundation experts. Our professional and knowledgeable team will provide a free estimate and the right solution to ensure your foundation continues to provide a strong structure for your home.