Signs of Foundation Problems Outside the Home

As you’re doing yard work or enjoying a bar-b-que with the family in the backyard, you may notice a few areas of concern with your home. If you are concerned about possible foundation damage, the North Charleston area experts at CNT Foundations will be happy to review these areas and determine if foundation problems are affecting the structural stability of your home.

Cracks on the Brick Exterior Cracks, especially horizontal and diagonal cracks, are a very common indicator of foundation problems. Shifts in the foundation caused by soil conditions or tree roots may cause enough movement to create cracks on the brick exterior of your home. Not all cracks on your home’s exterior indicate foundation problems, but having an expert survey the condition can help prevent problems from rapidly progressing.

Foundation Settling or Upheaval Noticing your home seems to be sinking on one side or a slab foundation seems to be moving up are both possible indicators of foundation problems. Soil conditions, whether too wet or too dry, are both common forces causing settling or upheaval in a home’s foundation.

Tilting or Cracked Chimney Do you notice your chimney has cracks or seems to be tilting to one side? Foundation problems may be causing the issue. Looks for cracks where the chimney foundation connects with the home’s foundation, damage near the flashing, or gaps between home’s exterior wall and the chimney’s wall. CNT Foundations in North Charleston will analyze the chimney’s structure to determine if the issues are related to foundation problems or simply insufficient chimney support.

What To Do If You Recognize These Exterior Warning Signs?

If you noticed any one of the above exterior warning signs, the best step is to call your local foundation repair company. The experts at CNT Foundations in North Charleston are ready to help with a free evaluation of your exterior warning signs. They may find you do not have foundation issues or they may offer the best solution to foundation repair if needed. Addressing possible foundation issues early is better than waiting for the problem to become worse and usually a much more expensive repair.