Bowing Walls

Bowing home and foundation walls are a noticeable sign of foundation problems . If you notice that any of your walls are buckling in North Charleston, you may have other structural issues in your foundation and your home. As they continue to buckle, the walls will crack, allowing water to leak into your home and cause major structural damage.

CNT Foundations proudly employs expert contractors who carefully inspect every individual foundation repair situation. Our professionals will come to your home and provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate. CNT Foundations provides lifetime benefit solutions that you can trust, protecting your home for you and your family.

What causes bowing walls? There are a few reasons.

Too much water in the ground.

Hydrostatic pressure is a major issue when it comes to bowing walls. Water in the ground pushes against your foundation until the pressure becomes too much and the foundation walls shift and buckle. As the water pressure increases, your foundation will begin to crack and leak. Too much water in the ground is caused by improper drainage, whether due to:

  • Malfunctioning gutters
  • Porous or expansive soil
  • Excessive rain
  • A burst or leaking street pipe

That's not the only reason.

Forces of nature.

As the seasons change, so does the soil. During cold and wet months, the soil can become saturated and put pressure on your foundation. During the warm and dry months, the soil dries out and shrinks, which causes your foundation to shift and settle.

Tree roots can also creep underground and push against your foundation, causing bowing walls.

Gradual deterioration due to age and exposure will wear down your foundation and cause weak spots that will slowly start to buckle.

How do I fix my bowing walls?

Several different causes mean several different solutions. Our team is ready in North Charleston to find the best solution for your bowing walls. Don’t wait too long before seeking professional help, or your foundation could suffer severe damage.

Call 843-405-7022 today to schedule an appointment with our experienced foundation repair contractors. CNT Foundations is passionate about helping you find solutions for your bowing walls.