Exterior Foundation Cracks

Exterior foundation cracks are often obvious signs of a foundation issue. If you see exterior foundation cracks, it could mean that your home is in serious trouble. Our North Charleston team is ready to take a look at your home and provide a free estimate on repairing your exterior foundation cracks.

Not sure if those cracks in your foundation are serious? Learn how to understand them.

What are the different types of exterior foundation cracks?

Horizontal foundation cracks are the most serious because they mean that your foundation has been damaged by poor soil or improper construction. These cracks run sideways through your foundation wall and indicate that you have bowing walls. Cold temperatures can also cause exterior horizontal cracks if there is excessive rain that soon freezes. The water can swell in the soil and put pressure on the foundation wall.

Vertical foundation cracks can be are just as serious and they can require immediate foundation repair. Your foundation walls will sometimes have a few vertical cracks when the concrete cures and shrinks after building. Multiple exterior vertical cracks on two adjacent walls could mean your foundation is unstable and requires immediate attention.

Diagonal foundation cracks will sometimes be wider at one end than the other, and are often caused when the foundation is settling. Your foundation may settle unevenly due to expansive soil that shifts or causes one side of the foundation to sink. Diagonal exterior foundation cracks also occur when a house is settling on a hill and one side is higher than the other.

How can exterior foundation cracks be fixed?

There are many solutions to fixing exterior foundation cracks. It’s important to catch the crack early and get an expert opinion as soon as possible. CNT Foundations in North Charleston knows how important it is for your home to have a sound foundation. Call our team at 843-405-7022 today to schedule a free estimate with our foundation pros.