What Causes Foundation Heave?

If you notice cracks in your walls and floors, something may have changed in the soil beneath your home and you may be experiencing foundation heave.

CNT Foundations’ team of expert contractors is ready to come to your house in North Charleston to evaluate your individual situation and provide a free estimate. Trusting CNT Foundations with your foundation repair needs is trusting a contractor whose mission is to protect your home for the future. What causes foundation heave? There are many reasons.

Water Seepage

Excessive moisture combined with poor drainage can cause water to seep under your foundation. As that water comes into contact with expansive soil, it will cause your foundation to heave. The expansion can also happen in soil on the sides of your foundation, which leads to bowing walls. That’s not the only reason.

Leaks Beneath Your Foundation

Breaks in plumbing supply lines, waste lines, or HVAC systems can cause moisture in the soil beneath your foundation. Over time, that moisture causes the soil to expand and push up into your foundation above.

And there’s more.

Expansive Soil

Expansive soil absorbs more water than other soils and is susceptible to heaving because of the significant expansion that occurs when the clay-rich soil gets wet. When a house is first built, the excavation process gives the soil a chance to dry out but after the soil gets wet, expansion occurs, causing heaving and other foundation problems.

What do I do if my foundation is heaving?

Heave is different than foundation settlement (link to settlement sinking) because rather than your foundation moving downward, heave occurs when the soil forces itself up into your foundation. Even though the two look very similar, our experienced staff will be able to identify the difference and determine the best solution.

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