Foundation Settlement Repair

A settling or sinking foundation can cause many foundation issues like sticking windows and doors, wall cracks or uneven floors.

As the soil beneath your home changes and loses the ability to bear the weight of your foundation, it causes your foundation to settle and sink. Let our experts at CNT Foundations come to your home and inspect your foundation. Our experts will provide a free, no-obligation estimate to repair your sinking foundation. We have a reputation for being the best and are proud to work for you solving your sinking foundation problems.

What Causes Foundation Settlement?

Foundation settlement is a common problem all across the country.There are a few different causes of sinking foundations that generally involve soil conditions. We’re able to determine the reason your foundation is settling and make the appropriate repairs. 

Weak Bearing Soil

The stability of your foundation depends on what type of soil your home is built on and how well it reacts to water. Weak bearing soil is caused by unstable layers of earth and is a major cause of foundation problems.

Changes in Moisture Levels of Soil

If your home is built on sandy soil, the water will pass through and your foundation will remain stable. Changes in soil moisture can weaken the soil and cause it to shrink. The amount of rainfall you get will impact the soil’s ability to handle the moisture as well.

Soil Consolidation

Soil consolidation when your home presses down on soil and causes the foundation to sink. This process happens gradually in response to the pressure of your home’s weight. 

Tree Roots

Trees or bushes take moisture from the soil and cause additional erosion problems. Despite what some believe, it usually is not the tree roots themselves attacking your foundation and causing damage - it all relates back to the soil conditions. 

Foundation Settlement Signs

How can you tell if your foundation is sinking if it’s below ground? Keep an eye out for some clear signs:

How can you fix a settling foundation?

There are many options you can pursue if you have noticed your foundation is sinking. There are a variety of solutions to fix the issues caused by a settling foundation, but the foundation itself will require a professional inspection to determine the best remedy.

If you suspect your foundation is sinking, CNT Foundations can help. We have foundation repair solutions to fit every home. Call our foundation contractors at 843-405-7022 today to make an appointment for your free consultation.