Sticking Windows and Doors

If you find that your doors and windows stick in North Charleston, it could be a sign of more serious foundation problems. Sticking windows and doors are a small warning sign that you need to contact a professional to inspect your foundation for problems.

The foundation repair experts at CNT Foundations will carefully inspect your individual situation and provide a no-obligation, free estimate. We proudly offer solutions for sticking windows and doors that have long-term benefits for your home. Our job is to protect your home so you can look forward to the future.

Not sure why you have sticking windows and doors? There could be a few explanations.

High humidity during the summer.

If you live in North Charleston, you know that South Carolina summers can be hot and humid. High humidity causes wood to swell and warp, which can cause your doors and windows to stick. There’s a bigger reason.

Your foundation is settling.

Poor soil in the soil causes your home’s foundation to shift and settle. Settlement can also happen if your house is built on expansive soil or if there is improper drainage allowing water to soak into the ground, shrinking the soil and shifting your house. Foundation settlements are serious and can cause many problems within your home, such as a door not fitting in its frame or a sticking window.

That’s not the only cause.

The walls are buckling.

Bowing walls are a sign that the foundation is unstable. Windows and doors stick in a buckling wall because they no longer fit in their frames. Bowing walls are caused by soil erosion, hydrostatic pressure, or tree roots putting pressure against your foundation.

What should I do if my windows and doors stick?

Some sticking windows and doors can be solved by replacing either one. However, contact our foundation experts in North Charleston for a free consultation before you try a quick fix. If your sticking windows and doors are caused by foundation problems, it’s best to repair the foundation right away. CNT Foundations in North Charleston is ready to fix your sticking windows and doors! Call 843-405-7022 today to schedule an appointment with our foundation experts. We will find a permanent solution for your home – no matter what it takes.