My Chimney Is Tilting

A tilting chimney is much more than something that distracts from the overall appearance on the exterior of a home. It is usually a sign of a more serious foundation issue. If you have a tilting chimney in North Charleston, the team at CNT Foundation is here to help. Our experienced surveyors will investigate the cause of the tilt and provide you with the best options for repair. Call 843-405-7022 now to schedule your free estimate. Want to know more about what could be causing your chimney to tilt? Let’s get started.

What causes a tilting chimney?

Even though your chimney is attached to your home, it gains its stability from a chimney pad which is a foundation built specifically to sustain the weight of a chimney. This chimney pad is a concrete footing and if the footing sinks or heaves, it can cause separation from your home and cause noticeable tilting.

What’s wrong with the chimney pad?

One possible problem with the chimney is that it’s too small to support the weight of your chimney.

However, a much more common problem in North Charleston is related to the foundation beneath the chimney pad. Expansive soils that change when there are shifts in the amount of water (heavy rain or drought) can cause the concrete footing to heave or sink.

Other causes may include:

  • Poor quality concrete which deteriorates over time
  • Shallow footing that is easily affected by repeated freeze/thaw cycles
  • Improper use of reinforcement (rebar) inthe footing

What can you do about a tilting chimney?

Typically a tilting chimney in North Charleston can be easily fixed by stabilizing the area beneath the concrete footing. Helical piers are usually driven into the ground beneath the chimney pad and provide support that allows us to correct a tilting chimney without dismantling it, with minimal disruption to the yard.

At CNT Foundations, we will repair your tilting chimney no matter what it takes so that you can get back to making memories around the fireplace in your home now and for the generations to come. Call today at 843-405-7022 to schedule a free estimate with one of our foundation experts.