Floor and Wall Gaps

Are you noticing gaps between your floor, wall, and baseboards? These floor and walls gaps are usually a sign of serious foundation problems. If you see floor and wall gaps in North Charleston, the CNT Foundations team is ready to help. Our foundation repair experts will investigate the cause of the gaps and provide you with recommended repair options. Call 843-405-7022 now to schedule your free estimate.

It’s critical to understand what is causing your floor and wall gaps. There are a couple of reasons.

What is causing my floors and walls to gap?

Foundation settlement is one of the most common reasons for floor and wall or ceiling gaps in your home. As the foundation settles, it can pull the floor away from the walls and the walls away from the ceiling because there is poor support beneath your home. Foundation settlement is one of the causes behind many home issues and can be a result of:

  • Soil erosion during dry months
  • Expansive soil that expands and contracts throughout the year, rocking the foundation and causing it to sink
  • Water leaks beneath the foundation or excessive water pooling around the foundation due to poor drainage

But that’s not the only reason.

Can sagging floor joists cause floor and wall gaps?

Sagging floor joists are another foundation problem that can cause floor and walls gaps. Floor joists begin to sag when there is too much moisture in your crawl space. The wooden joists may start to rot and become unstable, or the floor joists and girders could be undersized or overspanned. As your floor joists begin to sag, they can drag your floor down and pull it away from the wall, resulting in telltale gaps. Sloped floors and creaking floors are also signs of sagging floors joists.

How can I fix the floor and wall gaps in my home?

There are different foundation repair solutions available if your floor and wall gaps are caused by foundation problems. Helical piers can be screwed into the ground beneath your foundation to stop settlement and level it out. Sister joists help improve sagging floor joists by strengthening the existing joists so that they no longer sag. CMU piers and drop beams can be installed to support overspanned joists and girders.

At CNT Foundations, we take pride in our foundation repair solutions. Call 843-405-7022 today to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced contractors. We will take a look at your floor and wall gaps to determine the best remedy. Let us handle your foundation problems so you can focus on living your life.