Creaking Floors

Creaking floors are not just a sign of old houses, and they are not just caused by time. If you notice that your floors have started to creak, it may be the sign of a greater foundation issue. Our experienced team in North Charleston will evaluate your creaking floors for foundation problems and provide you with a free estimate.

Not sure if your creaking floors are a sign of foundation problems? Know the signs.

Why are my floors creaking?

There are several explanations for your creaking floors. Old houses will get creaking floors due to time, but if you just bought a new home, creaking floors may be unsettling. Floors can start to creak due to:

  • Poor construction or a rushed building job
  • Wood expanding and shrinking due to the changing seasons
  • A pier and beam foundation, which has more “give” than a slab foundation.
  • Sloped floors caused by foundation settlement
  • Foundation problems caused by expansive soil in North Charleston or other sources 

There are many warning signs of foundation problems that you can look for if you suspect your foundation needs repair. Creaking floors that get worse with time and increased floor shaking as you walk are additional signs of a shifting foundation or poor framing. Call our team if you notice any of these symptoms.

What can you do about creaking floors?

Creaking floors may be one small sign that your foundation is in trouble. At CNT Foundations, we believe that creaking floors and what hides beneath them shouldn’t keep you up at night. Call 843-405-7022 today to make an appointment with CNT Foundations for a free estimate.