Spongy Floors

Sometimes it’s good to have a spring in your step, but not when it comes to your home’s floors. Spongy floors may be a sign that you have foundation problems. CNT Foundations’ experts can inspect your spongy floor in North Charleston. Our team carefully assesses each individual home to determine the best repair option. Call 843-405-7022 today for a free, no obligation estimate. What causes spongy floors? There are a few reasons:

Foundation Settlement

If your foundation is built on expansive, clay-rich soil, those spongy places in your floor may be caused by foundation settlement. When North Charleston gets a good rain, the clay in the soil expands, pushing on your foundation. During dry months the clay shrinks, pulling your foundation down with it. Over time, as the soil beneath your foundation repeats this cycle, your home will begin to sink. Your foundation may start settling if the soil it is built on is packed tightly. If the soil wasn’t compacted properly after construction, it may start to compact under your home’s weight and your foundation will settle. And that’s not the only reason.

Poor Home Construction

Spongy floors can also develop if your floor joists are too far apart. If the support columns and joists between your floor are over-spanned, your foundation cannot evenly support your floors. Soft spots may develop in your floors where there is less support due to time and wear.

There are more explanations.

Excessive Moisture

Water damage, plumbing leaks, and South Carolina’s high humidity are no friends to wooden foundations and floors. Wood rot caused by excessive moisture can weaken the floor joists beneath your home and result in spongy floors.

What should I do if I have spongy floors?

Soft and spongy floors are frustrating, but you may not need to replace your floor in order to fix the problem. If the spongy floors are caused by foundation problems, we are here to help. Schedule an appointment today with our foundation repair experts in North Charleston. Trust CNT Foundations to protect your home, no matter what it takes.