What is Causing My Uneven Floors?

Moisture in your crawl space can rot the wood supports in your crawl space and cause uneven floors. CNT Foundations will look for mold and mildew in your crawl space to see if moisture has been hurting your crawl space support system. We’ll also check for dry rot which can occur in South Carolina due to high humidity. Mold will suck nutrients out of the wood in your crawl space and leave the wood weak.

Another cause for uneven floors may be your home’s construction. If your home was built before 2001, it was probably built on spot footing instead of continuous footing. Spot footing means that your foundation isn’t supported by one connective system but by several, individual places.

Over time, as the soil beneath your foundation becomes unstable due to expansion, your foundation will start to sink. A spot footing will cause differential settlement, where parts of your foundation settle at odd times. CNT Foundations will install a continuous footing that links all your footings together so your house will not settle unevenly. This will save your house from uneven floors.

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