What Causes Foundation Problems

As your home ages, wear and tear can take its toll, but foundation problems can lead to a break down in the stability of your home and the safety of your family. A well laid foundation is essential when your home is initially built, but over time other issues may affect any foundation.

Foundation Drainage: Inadequate or poorly designed drainage affects soil upon which the foundation has been built. Too much or too little moisture surrounding your foundation can alter the soil’s composition. Look for areas of standing water surrounding your foundation. This may be an indication of poor drainage or poorly designed gutter placement which usually causes sloping landscape toward your foundation. In some cases, insufficient moisture causes the soil to become dry and crumbly leading to shifting in your foundation.

Expansive Soils: The composition of your soil is generally based on the area in which you reside, and it is best to be aware of the type of soil surrounding your foundation. Areas high in clay content are very vulnerable as the clay expands or contracts based on moisture content. A discussion with the CNT Foundations experts in North Charleston will help you determine the best moisture content for your specific type of soil to maintain a stable foundation.

Tree and Tree Roots: The beauty of your landscape trees may prevent a nice escape from the heat by providing shade, but those tree roots can wreak havoc on the foundation of your home.

Improper Foundation Development: Whether it be inexperience or poor work ethics, those who prepared your foundation may not have followed best practices in laying your foundation. Overspanning floor joists, framing or girders and improper footers may contribute to an unstable foundation and future foundation problems.

Getting Help for Your Foundation Problems

Your home deserves a strong foundation, not only for the value of your home, but for the protection of your family. At CNT Foundations North Charleston, we offer free evaluations and suggested solutions for your foundation problems to quickly and efficiently get your home back in shape with effective foundation repairs.