Foundation Drainage Problems

Water under your foundation can cause serious foundation problems for your home.

Water damage is often the source of foundation problems and should be dealt with quickly to avoid serious structural issues.

If you notice that your foundation has drainage problems in North Charleston, contact CNT Foundations immediately. Our team evaluates each individual situation to make the best possible recommendations. Call 843-405-7022 today for a free, no-obligation consultation. Keep reading to recognize the signs of foundation drainage problems.

What are the symptoms of poor drainage around my foundation?

Foundation drainage problems aren’t always easy to spot, so it’s important to keep an eye on any symptoms to see if they are getting worse over time. Poor drainage symptoms include:

Foundation drainage problems can stem from a few sources such as:

Sloped Landscape

Your home could suffer from drainage problems if it sits at the bottom of an incline. Foundation water damage often occurs when water gathers around your foundation because it has nowhere else to go. You may have rainwater draining from your yard toward your foundation due to incorrect grading.

Expansive Soil

Even the smallest amount of water in expansive soil can erode your foundation. Expansive soils expand and contract depending on the amount of moisture in them, which can lead to serious foundation damage. South Carolina has a variety of soil types including clay-rich soil. Clay soil is inherently bad for foundations because clay soil shrinks significantly when it dries and expands significantly when it is wet. This repeating cycle can cause foundation settlement or foundation heave and can lead to serious structural damage that will require repair.

And that’s not all.

Too Few or Improperly Placed Gutters

Foundation drainage problems often arise when water is not carried away from your foundation. Excessive moisture due to improper drainage causes mold, mildew, and wood rot in beams. Rainwater that runs off your roof should be directed to the street or the outer edges of your yard to protect your foundation from water damage.

How can I fix my foundation drainage problems?

If you live in North Charleston and you’ve noticed signs of foundation water damage due to poor drainage, there are several repair options (link to foundation repair) available. Our team is able to look at your foundation and make a recommendation for the best possible solution.

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