Overspanned Floor Joists

Do you notice that there is an unusual amount of bounce in your step when you walk through your home? Spongy floors could be a sign that your floor joists are too far apart and need better support, or that they are too long. Overspanned floor joists and girders that are too far apart cannot provide the necessary support for your home. CNT Foundations’ mission is to protect your home for the future. Call 843-405-7022 to speak with our local team in North Charleston about how to repair your overspanned floor joists.

What damage is caused by overspanned floor joists?

When the support columns and floor joists are overspanned, they cannot hold up the weight of your home. This happens when the columns aren’t spaced correctly and cannot provide enough support under the floor joists. Overspanned floor joists and overspanned girders are sometimes difficult to detect because they have the same symptoms as foundation settlement. A sagging or uneven floor is the best indication that your floor joists are overspanned, but fixing this problem is a job for the professionals. Interior wall cracksfloor and wall gaps, and sticking windows and doors can all result from improper attempts to fix overspanned floor joists and girders.

Overspanned floor joists and girders don’t provide proper support for your home and should be inspected immediately by a professional. CNT Foundations uses a variety of repair techniques to stabilize your home so that it will be safe and secure for your family in the years to come. Our dedicated team of professionals in North Charleston are ready to inspect your home for overspanned floor joists and provide a free, no-obligation estimate. Call 843-405-7022 today to book your appointment and let CNT Foundations serve your family with foundation repair solutions you can trust.