Over Spanned Framing

Bouncy, sagging floors in your home could mean that your home’s frame is over spanned. When your home was built, the contractor may not have provided enough support to carry the load of your house, and that weight can slowly wear down overtime, resulting in uneven floors and floors separating from the walls. As a general contractor, CNT Foundations is more than equipped to fix your over spanned framing. Call 843-405-7022 today for a free estimate.

Dangers of Over Spanned Framing

Over spanned framing means that the load points in your house cannot properly support its weight, or that the undersized beams were used for framing. Too much weight put on the beams will cause them to sag, which can cause bouncy floors in your home. CNT Foundations can fix your framing issues and secure your house for generations to come. We use permanent, lifetime solutions that do not need to be adjusted or reworked over time. CNT will install additional support for your frame to stabilize your floors. Call 843-405-7022 today for a free estimate from one of our experienced contractors!