Weathering the Soil with CNT Foundations

Did you know that certain types of soils are affected differently depending on the moisture levels caused by the weather and time of year? Some soils are more stable during the dry season and become unstable as soon as they are saturated with water. This instability can have negative effects on your foundation and cause problems like settlement, sinking concrete, uneven floors, and much more. If you’re seeing any of these signs around your home, call 843-405-7022 to speak with the contractors at CNT Foundations today.

What damage is caused by seasonally wet or dry soil? Let’s explore:

Foundation Problems Caused by Seasonally Wet or Dry Soil

Soils that become unstable during wet months will fail under the weight of your foundation and are not able to support the weight of your home. Reduced load bearing capacity can result in:

If you suspect that your foundation is built on soil that suffers from instability during wet seasons, call CNT Foundations today. We have a variety of solutions that can help stabilize your foundation by digging into the earth past the unstable soil to utilize good, strong soil. Call 843-405-7022 to make a free appointment with our estimators today.