Trees and Tree Roots

Trees in North Charleston provide wonderful shade and beauty to your yard, but tree roots can seriously damage your foundation if given the opportunity. If you suspect that your foundation problems are being caused by tree roots, call 843-405-7022 today. CNT Foundations’ staff of foundation experts will inspect every individual problem and provide a free, no-obligation estimate.

Let’s explore how trees and tree roots can damage your foundation:

Tree Roots take Moisture from Soil

Think about the trees you have in your yard. Whether you have a southern live oak, an eastern redbud, or a magnolia tree, all trees have root systems that can spread below ground as wide as their branches above. If a tree is planted close to your home, its roots can suck moisture out of the soil and create dry pockets in the ground. The soil will shrink as the roots take water, which can shift your foundation and cause major damage.

Tree Roots and Your Foundation

Besides sucking moisture out of the soil, tree roots can also put pressure against your foundation and cause problems. If your foundation is built on expansive soils, the high clay content will become densely packed as the tree roots grow. This can form a barrier against your foundation, but the clay will end up pressing against your foundation walls over time and cracking the walls. Soil that has a mixture of loose dirt and rocks will allow the roots to travel more freely, but that can result in tree roots pressing directly against your foundation. Roots can travel under your foundation and heave against your concrete floor, or they can press against your foundation walls and cause them to crack.

How can I stop tree roots from damaging my foundation?

Trees and tree roots are often just the first step in the line of foundation problems. Damage to your foundation often has to do with the soil its built on, but tree roots can aggravate any existing problems currently within the soil. Make sure to give the roots plenty of room to grow when you’re planting new trees, and move trees away from your home if possible to prevent future problems.

Foundation problems intensified by tree roots should be inspected by a professional. Call 843-405-7022 today to set up a free appointment. CNT Foundations’ experienced staff will come to your home and examine your foundation under a no-obligation guarantee. We’re proud to be your local foundation experts in North Charleston. Let us take care of protecting your home so you can focus on making memories in it.