CNT Foundations has been solving residential structural issues for over 15 years. Our company was founded as a general contracting company so we understand your home in its entirety. This is one of the primary reasons we stand high above our competition. Many of our customers have said they are happy that CNT was able to handle all aspects of their project without having to deal with multiple other contractors. We can provide the same level of exceptional of service to you and your family.


As licensed general contractors with a highly skilled professional installation crew, CNT is ready to go to work for you resolving any foundation issue you may have(Residential Foundation Repairs, Home Foundation Crack Repair, Foundations for Commercial Construction, Foundations for New Construction and more). Our extensive product line allows us to select the right product to properly repair your problem.

CMU Piers

There is no substitute for concrete.  CMU stands for Concrete Masonry Unit and has been the preferred method of construction since Roman times.  In fact, CMU piers are one of the most popular pier types in new construction. A typical foundation consists of a steel reinforced concrete footing, with stacked & mortared concrete blocks that form piers. These piers are then filled with grout to form a CMU or (concrete masonry unit). At CNT Foundations we like to utilize the CMU’s on interior crawl spaces because they are both functional and cost effective. CMU piers are extremely effective when added to the original construction or when they are used to support drop sills that are over-spanned or undersized.

CNT is the only foundation contractor in South Carolina that installs the correct repair vs. selling a widget.

Don’t settle for inferior screw jacks! At CNT, we have the ability to repair your house with proper construction techniques and materials. No retrofitting is required. Screw jacks don’t have a lifetime transferable warranty, they’re susceptible to corrosion, and they don’t rest on a permanent foundation!

Concrete Footers

It should go without saying that concrete is an integral part of any structure’s foundation. However, previous building codes did not require footings to be continuous, meaning, all piers rest upon the same concrete pour. Without a continuous footing, a structure’s piers can settle independently from each other. CNT Foundations can join any given pier group together using steel-reinforced concrete and give the structure a foundation that meets current codes. This is more cost effective than adding additional piers as may be suggested. Additional piers only treat the symptoms of differential settlement, not the cause. Concrete is the only permanent solution for this issue.

Helical Piers

Helical piers can be a fantastic solution for repairing your home’s foundation. Helical piers are foundation elements consisting of a central shaft with at least one helix plate located on the shaft with its axis positioned parallel to the shaft’s length.

Helical piers can be used as anchors to withstand tensile loads or as deep foundations to withstand compressive loads. The terms helical pier, helix pier, helical pile, and screw pile are generally used when the device is meant to be used in compression. The terms helical anchor or screw anchor are generally used when the element is meant to be used in tension.

Cert_Target_100certified_badgeCNT Foundations is an industry leader in helical pier installation. Our pier system is 50% stronger than those of our competitors. Additionally, our protective coating is far superior than the powder coated piles of our competitors. While the concept of helical piers is fairly universal it is the installation that sets CNT above the rest. Our piers are driven to guaranteed pressures and depths so that we have an unparalleled customer satisfaction rate. Other companies offer a lifetime warranty using inferior products, CNT offers the only lifetime warranty, “THE WARRANTY YOU’LL NEVER HAVE TO USE.” For new construction, repair, commercial, or residential, let CNT show you why we stand above the rest when it comes to helical piers.

What is ICC Certification?

The International Code Council, or ICC, is an organization that develops codes and standards for the building and construction industries. The I-Codes developed by ICC are a set of comprehensive building safety and fire prevention codes designed to set minimum standards for safe construction of homes, schools and commercial buildings. ICC also offers a certification program for contractors and various types of construction and safety industry professionals. CNT Foundations is ICC Certified to meet the best standards in foundation repair and construction for both residential and commercial buildings and structures.


Your crawl space, though you may not know it, needs attention from time to time to help keep your foundation in good condition. Below are some of the services CNT Foundations offers to help remedy issues you may be faced with.

Moisture Control

Moisture is one of the most damaging elements to a structural foundation. With our general contracting background, CNT is your best choice for a full service foundation and structural repair contractor. We can accurately diagnose the cause of crawl space moisture, and more importantly, we have the tools and experience to mitigate it. Whether it’s a simple vapor barrier or an intense situation requiring pumping stations and/or complete encapsulation, CNT has the knowledge to keep your homes foundation permanently dry and worry free.

Structural Repairs

Your crawl space is the most neglected area of your home. In most cases, damage is not discovered until the property is being sold, or the damage has become so severe it is noticeable inside the house. Once again, you can count on CNT’s years of contracting experience to resolve any concerns you have. We are your only one stop shop to handle problems such as termite damaged sills and beams, rotted wood structural components, or poorly constructed foundations. CNT has the tools and expertise to permanently repair your foundation and eliminate your foundation concerns.


Many homeowners are reluctant to call and get an estimate to repair their foundation because they are scared of the cost. Other companies have just a few products to sell for foundations repair and have modified them to apply to many different applications. This is where CNT is different. With our general contracting background, we have the biggest array of products in the industry to permanently stabilize your home’s foundation.

Many people are surprised to find that the average cost from CNT to repair a home’s foundation in the year 2011 was $2,875. This is due to CNT’s ability to provide your home with the absolute correct fix without wasting time, energy, and most importantly, money. If you are confused about foundation quotes from other companies, contact us today to gain understanding and peace of mind about your home’s foundation. And remember, CNT Foundations has the only price guarantee in the industry.



Answer: Interior problems such as cracks in your drywall, doors or windows that won’t open or close, and floors that are soft, slope, or bounce are indications there may be a problem with your foundation. Outside your home, you may find cracks in the brick exterior, gaps developing around doors or windows, or leaning chimneys.
Answer: CNT started as General Contractors over 15 years ago and quickly developed into foundation repair experts. We are not a franchise and are proud to be Charleston’s only locally owned and operated foundation repair company.
Answer: The length of the initial inspection, or consultation, varies considerably depending on the symptoms you’re having and your type of foundation. Homes with slab foundations take much less time, however homes with a full crawlspace can take several hours for a complete evaluation and explanation of the concerns found. We will always be respectful of your time.
Answer: It is always recommended that the homeowner be present during the inspection to ensure that the CNT Foundations expert has a full understanding of your concerns, our consultant can fully explain the advised repairs, and all questions from both parties can be answered.
Answer: At CNT we like to say we have the largest tool box in the industry. Our background, knowledge, and expertise makes us unique to the industry. We use our foundation repair experience to specifically diagnose and repair your homes foundation.
Answer: This is your decision, however it is definitely not recommended. Once your foundation begins to fail, immediate action is advised to prevent the damage from getting worse and causing additional expense in future repair.
Answer: CNT Foundations has developed an extensive training program that all of our in house foundation repair specialists are required to complete. Only CNT employees will be on your jobsite unless you have directly hired outside contractors to complete other areas of repair.
Answer: Part of our employees training is enforcing respect for our clients’ property. Making certain that your property is clean when your project is finished is only one of the benefits of using CNT Foundations.
Answer: Yes. We are a fully licensed, bonded and insured general contracting company.
Answer: We are members of the National Association of Home Builders. CNT is also proud to maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and have excellent ratings with Angie’s List and Home Advisor.